The Silver Spur Ranch

  This beauty is a hand crafted and hand tooled holster for the left handed cowboy or cowgirl. I love the wind blown look to the horses mane and the beautiful roses! This would make any gun carrier proud. If you would like to order a custom holster or any other leather crafted piece please contact me and we'll get right on it! Allow an extra 1-2 weeks for custom orders.


  We make custom Cowboy/Cowgirl/Western goods including: Holsters, Old Time Texas Cowboy Hemp Lariats, Belts, Hatbands, Knife Sheaths, Cowboy Cuffs, Spur Straps, Horse Tack, Wall Art, Cowgirl Chic Wristbands, Cowboy Wristbands, Wallets, Cell Phone Cases, Purses, Guitar Straps, Rifle Slings, and Rifle Scabbards for saddles and carrying.

  This tough looking holster was made for the re-enactor, SASS shooter, or just plain old cowboy buff. Let this bring the outlaw in you out! It is a left handed holster, if you would like the right handed one made to create a set or perhaps a belt to go with it please contact me!


  Before the syn-grass and polyurethane ropes, Texas cowboys used manila hemp, it was stronger than the rawhide they had used in generations before. It was a slighty heavier rope and didnt require as much effort in a precise twirl.

  Manila hemp (and most other varieties of hemp) will shrink and stiffen when it becomes wet. After being stretched and dried it is then coated in wax to help retain some of the stiffness, and help preserve the lariat from excessive wear.

  These are hand braided, hand waxed manila hemp ropes made in the panhandle of Texas by a Texas cowboy. He makes them either in the 30 ft. version or he can custom make them to your length specifications. Message me for other customization options or for questions regarding the product or shipping.

A Ranchers Dozen

  Most farms have all the same kind of eggs in a dozen and even if they have different breeds of chickens, will put all of the same breed of chicken eggs in one dozen. They typically sort by size as well. Most have the basic brown eggs and white eggs.

  But, a rancher typically has many different breeds of chickens all in the same run, or running loose, so will have different colored eggs in their dozen and sometimes varying sizes of eggs as they do not size them. So, in a rancher’s dozen you may find eggs with brown, white, tan or even green egg shells. Now remember, they are all the same on the inside…so don’t panic!

  Farms are made for production and have produce, chickens, eggs and milk primarily. But, a ranch typically deals in livestock with very little produce involved. Most chickens, eggs, milk or produce on a ranch are used for the consumption of the ranch folk only, with only the extras being sold.

If you would like a rancher's dozen please contact us at (817) 600-4997 We will give you a tour of the ranch and you can visit and feed treats to the hens!

Eggs are $3 a dozen