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  From his first competition in Mutton Busting when he was about 7 yrs. old…he was hooked on ranch life!

  Daniel went on to be in 4H where he did well in Agriculture and Working Ranch Horsemanship. He has ridden in High School Rodeo competition, raised calves, put up fencing, able to run tractors and other equipment, repairs saddles and does leather work.

  Daniel is working as our calf broker and is currently training his horse, Star, to be able to work cattle. He supervises ranch hands and those who come to learn about livestock and help out on the ranch.


Jessie Bates


Kelly and Elvira Bates.

  Kelly grew up in rural parts of Colorado, mostly in the mountains, living a life that was closer to what people lived 50yrs. or more before his time. In a mountain cabin, his Mama cooked using a dutch oven which had a handle that swung into the fireplace. He and his big brother slept on their back porch that wasn’t well enclosed, with his Mama’s quilts piled over them to keep warm. They had an outhouse as there was little indoor plumbing as it was just a cabin. He and his Daddy, brother and sister hand dug out under the cabin and hand poured the concrete under the cabin to add on and remodel it. He ran through the woods during the day which became his whole playground. He would drag home trees and branches that had fallen to chop wood for his Mama to keep their one room cabin warm. He also lived in the wooded areas in Oklahoma, learning a lot from his Mama and Daddy about living off the land to survive. He raised pigs and chickens and learned to plant their own food that his Mama canned. Growing up poor he never knew that many would actually wish they grew up as he did.

  Elvira grew up in Southern California half in the city and half in rural areas. She learned fast that she did not like city life and at the age of 9 announced to her parents that if they couldn’t find her one day to look for her on the road to the country as she’d walk there if she had to! A year after that, her parents agreed and moved to the country, which was the place she always thrived. North San Diego County was where they moved and at that time there were plenty of farms and ranches in that area. She raised chickens, rabbits and had her own horse. When they both met, they knew God put them together as they complimented one another in the dreams they both held. They went horseback riding together, shooting and the first place they bought had a doublewide with an orchard on small acreage. They both dreamed of owning a ranch one day, as they dreamed that would be the life! After over 30yrs. of marriage, what they enjoy most is a cup of coffee and a morning walk where there are no other people, just the horses being frisky and a dog at their side. And to gaze up at the evening stars around a campfire. It’s their dream to invite others to enjoy this peace that has all but left us in this hurry scurry world!

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  She sat on a horse for the first time when she was just 6 months old in her Daddy’s arms on our Arabian Mare. She was raised riding horses and loving them. She has been in 4H Working Horse Ranch and competed in Riding and Royalty competitions. She was trained by Steve Sanchez who was a master in Vaquero and Natural/Indian Style Horsemanship. She had training from Hilary Houck Bradley, a Barrel Racing Champion.  

  Jessie uses a style called “Partner Up” where the horse becomes your partner, willing to work with you as you learn horse language and are able to give cues that the horse will understand rather than being a dominant factor over the horse where disagreements can end in disaster.

  At 18yrs. old, she worked as an Administrative Assistant with a realtor and at the front desk of a real estate office. She had been looking towards a career in real estate when the market crashed. She then worked at Murdoch’s in setting up a new store from the ground up. She is good in marketing and now also has her own online store, the Vintage Cowgirl.

  After the move to Texas, she was set to find a job when her Mom was diagnosed with Stage 3 Cancer, so she opted to stay home and care for her Mom. She has taught many people to ride most of her life, so started doing that while caring for her Mom and realized how much she enjoyed it, how the kids and parents enjoyed her and how well the kids were doing under her instruction. This all made for the obvious to continue this and make what she loves doing into her own business. Hence… the official beginning of the Silver Spur Ranch…a dream come true for her whole family.

The Silver Spur Ranch


Daniel Bates