We are a small family operation and we’re growing daily! Currently we have rabbits, chickens, turkeys, herding dogs, horses and cattle. We offer Riding Lessons, Welding Lessons, Leather Craft Classes, Natural/Green Domestic classes, dutch oven and cast iron cooking classes and will be adding more classes to the site soon. We will also offer some learning and some fun events that will be free. So keep an eye on our website for upcoming events.


  We are located 30 minutes to 1 Hr. from the DFW Metroplex, off of main highways with easy access.


   This has been a lifelong dream for my husband and I. His Daddy had the Silver Spur Ranch Brand years ago, so the dream even came before we did. We bought into the idea in the 1980’s when Kelly was asked to work on a ranch and get into the cattle business. At the time, we had our first place, a doublewide on small acreage with an apple orchard, out in Anza, California. We wanted the country life…but you know how it is…you gotta work for a living and when my Dad passed away…I had to take over the family business which wasn’t ranching. At that same time, Kelly was asked to step into the cattle business.


  A dear friend of my Dad who had owned thousands of acres at one time and had taken over his father- in –law’s cattle ranch but since had sold to developers in the San Marcos area…Lake San Marcos to be exact had been his land. He owned land up in Chihuahua Valley and had cattle running on it. He wanted Kelly to run it for him, with a house for us on the ranch, a stipend and calves for us to start out with. He had 2 other partners…so this was no small time operation. The “silent” partner was none other than Kenny Rogers!! Unfortunately, we had to turn the offer down as we needed Kelly’s income to pay on the place we owned. We had thought about selling it, but I still had that drive down a mountain pass to get to Lake San Marcos to run our family business. On top of that…I suffered with severe asthma which nixed even living in California at all. Docs said move to New Mexico or Colorado for my health. Since Kelly is from Colorado, that’s where we moved.


  We bought a farmhouse in Colorado with 10 acres with land behind it that was “leasable” for cattle. With high interest due to a bad economy…we ended up having to get out from under it. We have had small acreage ever since…but always maintained some sort of country lifestyle through out the years with the dream of a ranch business in the back of our minds.


  Kelly had a job transfer to Texas so we are living the cowboy dream here with the milder weather being a plus for all we enjoy doing! We have a stock tank/pond, creek running behind it and a forested area on the back of our land that we call “The Reserves”.


  We have raised, chickens, turkeys, hogs, rabbits, cattle, and horses and bred herding dogs. We have been active in rodeos for years, typically behind the scenes. My kids have competed in a few events, but we mainly enjoy working behind the scenes with all those involved.

The Silver Spur Ranch